Install Android Studio 2.0 on 64-bit Ubuntu 15.10 with Ubuntu Make (umake)


To install Android Studio (current 2.0) on 64-bit Ubuntu 15.10, it's easy by using Ubuntu Make. It install OpenJDK also.

Enter the command in Terminal:
- Install Ubuntu Make:
$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-make

- Install android-studio:
$ umake android

if error reported "ERROR: We were expecting to find a license on the download page, we didn't." install android-studio with --accept-license option:
$ umake android --accept-license

(thanks Anonymous's comment in last post "ERROR: We were expecting to find a license on the download page, we didn't."

This video show how to install Ubuntu Make (umake) on Ubuntu 15.10 (running inside VirtualBox), and install Android Studio 2.0 using umake.

About Ubuntu Make
Ubuntu Make is a command line tool which allows you to download the latest version of popular developer tools on your installation, installing it alongside all of the required dependencies (which will only ask for root access if you don't have all the required dependencies installed already), enable multi-arch on your system if you are on a 64 bit machine, integrate it with the Unity launcher. Basically, one command to get your system ready to develop with!

BUT error to install on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, read more "Error in installing Android Studio on Ubuntu 16.04 using umake".


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